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JavaScript Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction screenshot

Chain reaction is a clone of a GWBASIC game (apparently) of the same name. I've never actually played the original, but I've got fond memories of a shareware re-make which no longer works on XP. Neil Fraser's (open source) version provided me with some useful inspiration for developing my own AI.

My version supports up to 4 players and AI. The AI has three settings: easy, medium and hard. By default it's set to medium, which is enough to challenge you, but it will mostly lose against an experienced player.

How to Play

Mike's hints and tips

Each go you can click on a cell to place a bomb. You can only place bombs in cells already of your colour, or empty cells. When a cell has too many bombs it will explode, throwing its bombs into the nearby cells and converting them to your colour. The aim of the game is to wipe out any other colours, leaving the board entirely populated by you.

Cells in corners can hold a maximum of 1 bomb before exploding; cells on the edge can hold a maximum of 2, and cells in the middle can hold a maximum of 3.