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Rabbits - The Puzzle Game with Bunnies

Rabbits screenshot

Rabbits is a puzzle game loosely based on an old Lucas Learning game called Pit Droids. Pit Droids was a commercial flop, apparently, and no longer works on XP, so I can't play it any more - hence the decision to make Rabbits.

The aim is to direct all the rabbits from their hutches to a burrow using the arrows provided. To add to the challenge there are different colours of rabbits and arrows, different coloured ears and the rabbits can carry things. There are gates which only let certain rabbits through, arrows which can't be moved, etc. I have written a tutorial which explains each mechanic in much more detail.

There is also a map editor, so you can make and save your own maps. If you make any good ones, please do email them to me, and if I like them I'll add them to the game (with due credit, of course).

Roadmap of Progress

  • Animations - Done
  • Re-paint tile - Done
  • Option for rabbits to wait, rather than collide - Done
  • Ratio arrow
  • Set number of directs arrow
  • Set number of rabbits warren
  • On/off tile
  • Upload custom-made levels
  • Editor documentation
  • Editor more user-friendly - Partly Done
  • Isometric view (this might never happen...)
  • Better GUI - Done (3-09-08)
  • Lots and lots of levels