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JavaScript Solitaire

Play Solitaire

This is a simple version of Solitaire written in JavaScript and using the Canvas. It doesn't work as well in IE as it does other browsers, but is still playable (although the easter egg at the end doesn't look nearly as good).

How to Play

The aim of the game is to get all the card onto the empty piles in the top right corner. Only aces may be placed in these piles when they are empty, and then only cards the same suit in ascending order. Double clicking any card will automatically send it to the top right if it can go there.

Cards can be placed on another card of consecutively higher numbers, so long as it is a different colour. For example, a red two may only be placed on a black three. Only Kings may go in empty spaces. Click the back of a card to uncover it.

You can cycle through the pile of cards at the top left by clicking the back of a card. Cards facing up may be brought down and used on the table.

In this version, one card from the deck is turned over at a time, and you can cycle through the deck as many times as you like.

Hints and Tips

  • Avoid bringing cards down from the top unless you have to.
  • It is usually best to put cards in the top right as soon as you can.