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Website Tweaks

I've tidied up the website, fixing a few broken bits and removing those that are fundamentally broken and aren't going to be back in the foreseeable future.

I'm planning to add new content to show off some projects I've been working on over the last few years soon too!

By Luke Wallin on Fri 13 January 2017. Permalink


I've been working on making my own DCC encoder for an automated model railway. Here is a photo of revision 1:

More detail soon!

By Luke Wallin on Fri 28 March 2014. Permalink

New Game: Shooter

A new game! I've been working on this on and off over the summer. It's not finished yet, but it is very much playable now.

Screenshot of Shooter

By Luke Wallin on Wed 26 September 2012. Permalink

Spirograph Progress

A slightly pointless, but quite funky animation of some gears!

Here is the finished Spirograph Generator

By Luke Wallin on Fri 27 July 2012. Permalink


I'm in the process of writing a fractal generator! Click the pictures to see my progress so far

Fractal Fractal Fractal Fractal

By Luke Wallin on Fri 06 July 2012. Permalink

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