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Haven't posted anything here for ages, so thought I'd update all my regular users (coughcostherearesomanycough).

Uni was absolutely brilliant :D I got a first in my first year, and although it doesn't count towards my degree there's a chance I can get a bursary for it next year.

I now feel confident enough in my electronics knowledge to tackle some more interesting projects. Coming up next will hopefully be a distortion pedal for a friend to use with his electric guitar. I'm also hoping to get some microcontrollers and tinker with them later in the summer.

Here's a photo of the (absolutely huge) progress of the shiny distortion pedal.

And an extremely exciting video of an LED that flashes randomly. This will at some point double up, turn white and attach itself to the dalek.

Also, in coding projects: Planet Wars 2 is not forgotten, merely in a hugely delayed beta. Here is the unfinished offline version. It should be in open beta/finished within a few weeks though. I've also started work on version 4 of the Javascript Physics engine, planning it out from scratch with my now much better knowledge of programming and physics (it may or may not make it into PW2, depending on whether I can hack the old version easily or not).

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